Legal and Privacy


This web site is managed by Raul Quijada, a telecommunication engineer who is one of the co-founders of smArDS. He can be contacted through the following e-mail address:

Intellectual Property

The content of this web site are mainly images, text, logos, graphics and other computer applications. The right of these media files as well as the domain name belong to the web site owner aside from some images obtained through public images databases, as for instance

This website is developed using Bootstrap that works under the MIT License. The used theme for the appearance of web is based on the Black Rock Digital theme, which is also under the MIT License.

Personal Data Privacy

This website does not store any personal information execept some implicit data. It could be the IP navigation address required to transmit the data for navigating through the web as well as the information gathered by external applications as Google Analytics which is out of our supervision.


The main purpose of this web site is to demonstrate the performance of smArDS. It is a non-profit site.

The web site owner do not assure the reliability, availability and continuity of the web site contents arose from technical issues, security problems, hacking attacks, hosting problems and other relevant causes out of the knowledge of the web site owner.